Latest News: January 2005: we hiked to the Du Mas lake in the heights above Morne Propser. This crater lake is just one of the attractions on this hike which ultimately goes to the Boiling Lake.

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Emerald Pool 87,210
Trafalgar Falls 83,116
Ti Tou Gorge 55,396
Boiling Lake 46,705
Morne Trois Pitons National Park 43,808
Spanny's Falls Dominica is an undiscovered treasure for the serious hiker. Although just 30 miles long and 15 wide, it has some of the most pristine montaine rainforest to be found anywhere. With several peaks over 4,000ft, it also boasts one of only two World Heritage Sites in the Eastern Caribbean - Dominica's Morne Trois Pitons National Park:

"Luxuriant natural tropical forest blends with volcanic features of high scenic appeal and scientific interest... With its precipitous slopes and deeply-incised valleys, fifty fumaroles and hot springs, freshwater lakes, a "boiling lake" and five volcanoes...together with the richest biodiversity in the Lesser Antilles, Morne Trois Pitons National Park presents a rare combination of natural features of World Heritage value. "

Dominica's well-established National Park service covers much of the island and there is an extensive network of trails that allow you to discover a wealth of hidden waterfalls, lakes, flora and fauna amid our lush tropical rainforest.

So come, Hike Dominica!

Featured Attraction: Soufriere-Scotts Head Marine Reserve

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Soufriere-Scotts Head Marine Reserve
The Soufriere-Scotts Head Marine Reserve was ratified in 1998 to protect and preserve the spectacular underwater features of the Soufriere crater. The bay is an extinct volcanic crater whose walls drop to an uncharted depth within a lava chute. The majority of the dives are on the submerged remains of this crater: vertical walls in some cases with no ledge separating surface from the depths below, submerged pinnacles rise form the depths close to and just offshore providing another type of dive habitat, and in other areas gently sloping shelves extend from shore to the depths of the middle of the bay. At one particular site pockets of air are warmed within the rock by the latent volcanic activity of the island and as it expands are squeezed out through cracks, giving the effect of diving, swimming, or snorkeling through a glass of champagne. Due to the nature of the reef, the SSMR is home to many rare and unusual creatures which are found in relative abundance here. This makes the area a delight for those who have just discovered it, and brings back those who have already found this place. Professional and amateur underwater photographers, and the discerning diver frequently return time and time again. You don't have to be a diver to enjoy the marine reserve - dolphins are quite often seen playing in the bay, especially around sunset.

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Carholm Lake, in the centre of Dominica

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