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Milton (Syndicate) Falls Attractions Type: Waterfalls Map Ref: W
Syndicate, Dominica

Photo of Milton (Syndicate) Falls
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Photo of Milton (Syndicate) Falls
Secluded fall close to Syndicate Estate. Also known as Milton Falls, this is an easy 15 minute walk after a 2.5 mile drive into the rainforest.

Best time to visit: late afternoon.

Because the river is a water source for the villages below, no swimming is allowed.

There is a US$2 pp charge made by the farmer.   

Hike-ability Factor: Medium difficulty (What's This?)

Kid-friendly! This activity has been kid-tested.

Estimated Hike Time (Hrs.): 2.0

Elevation: 1,400 ft.

GPS: 15.505999,-61.418595

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